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About Us

Unfold wants to help everybody have a better mind and body and was born from the desire to change and empower people who are sick of all the lies and deception in the world. We guide people throughout the journey to the best version of themselves and reach out a hand to persons who think they will never be able to raise from the dust.

Unfold Today was created because each one of us wants to experience the best possible life and become their ultimate self, but the majority fail to do so. Our motto perfectly describes our mission.


See Behind Walls: The news nowadays can be overwhelming and many times deceiving. Therefore, we will throw those attributes to the trash by cutting through the breaking news and bringing light on the most important subjects of our society. Our work implies wittiness, deep research and a drop of humor.

Overcome Limits: You cannot fully live your life if you are not healthy both physically and mentally. We offer top instructions, motivational materials and many more things to help you smash barriers. Following our training guides and advice will rapidly bring results in your life and equip you with a strong mind and an unshakeable physique.

Enjoy Life: What is the point of everything, if you do not follow your passions, have a laugh from time to time and enjoy your dear ones? To be able to do all this, we will give you tips on how to draw joy even from the simplest things and how to transform hard tasks into pieces of cake.

Hey there! I'm Claude

Founder of Unfold Today

My name is Claudiu – or Claude, if you prefer the French version – a journalist, a multimedia storyteller and a joke writer from time to time. I’ve written for newspapers, collaborated with big publications, but my dream was always to help people with my own brand. And that’s where Unfold Today stepped in.

Through Unfold Today I want to show you how to experience astonishing progress in every aspect of your life. So I invite you to join the Unfold community and learn how to evolve your mind and body on a daily basis for an amazing existence!

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye on the Unfolded section for some impactful stories regarding the buzz of the world!