Unfold Today has the warmth of a blog, the creativity of a famous magazine, and the ethics of a world-class newspaper.

    We have the mission to clarify and bring to surface the most important aspects of today’s society, but also to entertain our audience with marvelous & enticing posts.

    Unfold means “to unravel”, and our objective is exactly this: to show the true face of what is happening in this world by using all the necessary tools for the most pleasurable way of presenting the information. A lot of publications try to do this, but they ultimately fail to satisfy the audience because of their extreme impartiality, lack of creativity or due to their choice of putting financial gains on the first place, of course, at the expense of their readers.

    We are a platform with premium standards, so expect quality and very well researched materials. However, we want to mention the fact that we are not a newspaper, so we will not publish in every hour of the day. We feature journalistic pieces that go in the zone of long-form journalism, despite the fact that the world consumes more and more of the low-grade journalism, which has the only value of getting viewers through the well-known phenomenon of ‘click-bait’.

    Unfold Today uses humor and satire for a better and more pleasurable understanding of the information, so we recommend to look accordingly to the segments you find offensive.