Health & Fitness How To Gain 30 Kg Of Lean Muscle Mass In 14 Weeks

    How To Gain 30 Kg Of Lean Muscle Mass In 14 Weeks

    Steal the diet that Hollywood star James McAvoy used to bulk up for "Glass".

    If you ever tried to gain muscle mass, you definitely felt the struggle it takes to do it. To simplify things, we delved into Hollywood’s chamber of secrets and found how a world-class actor packed almost 30 kg (60 pounds) of lean muscle in just 3 months and a half.

    More specifically, we looked at James McAvoy’s diet plan during his training for the movie “Glass”. He had to gain almost 30 kilograms of lean muscle mass in 14 weeks, according to his trainer and nutritionist Magnus Lygdback. Basically, the main objective was to make James look and move like a beast.

    In order to successfully pack quality muscle you need to have a good diet plan and a strong workout routine. So, here is the ‘road map’ which will help you pack huge amounts of muscle mass in less than 4 months.

    James McAvoy’s diet

    Sixty pounds of muscle mass doesn’t come from thin air. Magnus Lygdback made sure that James got everything he needs to bulk-up fast. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and a lot of vegetables were always present in McAvoy’s daily intake of calories. Without all of this, the workouts would have been useless.

    You want to get as much muscle mass as possible. And you want to make sure you are not losing body fat. I’m a big believer in not gaining too much body fat as well, but, you know, a couple of percentages might be good.

    Magnus Lygdback in Men’s Health

    Protein sources

    © Photos: Kate Sears(lamb) / (beef) / (chicken) / (eggs)

    Your body uses proteins to build and repair the majority of the tissues including muscles, skin, and bones. Therefore, to gain muscle mass and keep your body’s overall health make sure to include protein-abundant foods in your diet.

    James McAvoy got his necessary proteins from lamb meat, beef, chicken, and eggs.

    Carbohydrate sources

    © Photos: Ekaterina Smirnova – Getty images (potatoes) / (brown rice) / (farro) / (barley) / (quinoa)

    First of all, let’s clear one thing out. You obtain cold potatoes if you boil them and then you let them go cold. This way, their glycemic index will go down, says James’ trainer and nutritionist.

    The farro, the barley, and the quinoa may not be a part of your current meal plan, but do your best to incorporate them. Those are great sources of good carbohydrates and, therefore, they will give you huge amounts of energy for your next workout.

    Healthy fat sources

    © Photo: / /

    Contrarily to popular opinion, fats can be very beneficial if you are looking to gain muscle mass. Whether you reach over for your bowl of nuts when you watch your favorite Netflix show, grab a pill of vitamin-rich fish oil or you spread the ‘oldie but goldie’ avocado on a slice of bread, you are set for one nutritious fat intake.


    Besides the above nutrients, James McAvoy needed a lot of vitamins to sustain his workout routine. Therefore, Magnus Lygdback made sure the actor had plenty of vegetables at every meal.

    The more color the better, actually nutrients, so red and green vegetables as much as possible

    Magnus Lygdback

    Meal guidelines

    James McAvoy ate five times a day to become ‘The Beast’ in the comic-book-inspired movie “Glass”. Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, McAvoy had two protein-based snack breaks.


    Magnus wanted James to to eat his first meal of the day as soon as possible.

    • 4-5 eggs (eat the whole egg) – proteins
    • Turkey bacon – proteins and fat
    • Sweet potatoes – carbs
    • Broccoli – vitamins
    • Whole grain bread – carbs

    ——— 3 hours break

    Snack 1

    • Chicken, beef or shrimps – proteins
    • Some good fat sources (avocado, nuts etc.)

    ——— 3 hours break


    • Lamb or beef – proteins
    • Slow carbs (brown rice, potatoes, quinoa etc.)
    • Some good fat sources
    • Vegetables

    ——— 3 hours break

    Snack 2

    • Turkey meatballs – proteins
    • Some good fat sources

    ——— 3 hours break


    The dinner was very similar to McAvoy’s lunch plan.

    • Chicken, lamb, beef – proteins
    • Slow carbs
    • Some good fat sources
    • Veggies

    When to workout

    Well, with so many meals around, it can be quite hard to sneak a training session in between. That’s the cold hard truth. Unless you tattooed the old saying “Train, eat, sleep, repeat” and don’t have a job, it’s almost a herculean task to respect your workout and diet habits.

    However, Magnus mentioned how he managed to respect James’ daily schedule while he made sure he wasn’t missing any gym appointment.

    Ideally, we would time the workout so James would workout two hours after meal and then eat right after our workouts. Sometimes that wasn’t realistic. Then, I would make sure that James got some BCA he would drink right after the workout, within 30 minutes.

    Magnus Lygdback

    Also, Magnus recommends to not count your macros because it’s time-consuming. Instead, his advice is to use your fists to add the food to your plate.

    Many people think that if they workout daily they will be able to pack muscles easily, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Without a well-structured diet, you will drown among all the fancy equipment in the gyms.

    So, if your target is to gain muscles, why don’t you adapt McAvoy’s diet plan to your lifestyle? See if you can turn yourself into a beast too.

    Source: Men’s Health

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