Lifestyle Which Type of Headphones Fits Your Lifestyle

    Which Type of Headphones Fits Your Lifestyle

    Use our complete guide to make sure you invest in the right earpieces.

    In these times, when music is accessible almost everywhere and podcasts take an ever-growing share of the market, picking the right audio device for your needs and way of living is a must. Therefore, we cut through each type of headphones to provide the best solution for your lifestyle.

    Whether you work on-the-run, in crowded places, in a music studio or you stay at the office all day long, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 9 types of headphones currently available on the market.

    1. Closed-back headphones

    Young man wearing closed-back headphones

    Design: The backs of these headphones are completely sealed, as the name “closed-back” suggests. Depending on the manufacturer, these audio devices may be more or less comfortable.

    Sound quality: Because of their closed-up nature, the sound will be directed exclusively to the ear, so no outer noise will interfere. Even if the speakers quality is great, you should keep in mind that the sound may feel a little less natural – due to the well-done soundproofing.

    Who should buy this type of headphones: People who want to focus solely on the song or the notes taken by the artist. Also, if you want to concentrate on work without being interrupted by background noises, this is the go-to option.

    Examples: Musicians, radio hosts, office-workers, students, etc.

    Who shouldn’t buy this type of headphones: If you need to pay attention to the surrounding environment, then don’t consider investing in this type of headphones. They may immerse you in such a powerful way. This could cause you to lose your job or even to provoke an accident.

    Examples: Drivers, bikers, travelers etc.

    2. Open-back headphones

    Young girl wearing open-back headphones

    Design: Contrary to their closed counterparts, these headphones feature some transparency. Therefore, the barrier between the inner and outside world is greatly reduced. Usually, you’ll find these headsets less bulky and easier to manipulate.

    Sound quality: The open-back earpieces have a wider sound stage. That means you’ll experience music in a more natural way – similarly to listening to a regular piece of speakers in a pub. Shortly said, this type of headphones allows you to hear the music and the ambient sounds at the same time. Consequently, you’ll find that the sound quality is poorer due to the mix between the real world noise and the sound output.

    Who should buy this type of headphones: If you mix and/or master in a studio, then this is the perfect choice for you. These headphones will play your mix without affecting it and will let you hear every drop of it. Besides mix artists, many music lovers around the world prefer these earpieces because they let them hear the pure and flat version of the song.

    Examples: Audio engineers, die-hard music lovers

    Who shouldn’t buy this type of headphones: If you don’t feel comfortable while other people hear what you listen to, then this headpiece is not for you. Also, if you work in an office or any other environment sensible to noise, you wouldn’t like to disturb your colleagues, would you?

    Examples: Office-workers, introverts, people who spend much time in crowded places

    3. On-ear headphones

    Girl wearing on-ear headphones

    Design: Also called ‘supra-aural’, this type of headphones is designed to cover the entire ear. They are bulkier than the earbuds, but smaller than the over-ear headsets. They can cause slight discomfort because they rest on top of your ears.

    Sound quality: Because they concentrate on the ear, these headphones have great sound quality. Sound leaks are minimal, so this makes them the preferred variant for public places.

    Who should buy this type of headphones: People who don’t look for ultra-high sound quality and love a more minimalist look, should consider this kind of earpieces.

    Examples: Regular people

    Who shouldn’t buy this type of headphones: If you think that top-notch sound quality is more important than practicability, then you should opt for something else on this list. Also, if you are working with sounds at a professional level, you should consider the over-ear counterpart.

    Examples: Audio engineers, hard to please people

    4. Over-ear headphones

    Man wearing over-ear headphones

    Design: These headphones are conceived to hug your ear with their large padding since they have the bulkiest structure among all types.

    Sound quality: These earpieces have the largest sound stage, you guessed it, because of their big proportions. In the same note, you will experience admirable bass responses.

    Who should buy this type of headphones: If you have the habit of listening to music for extended periods, then this is your best choice. Also, many individuals – including celebrities -, love the look and feel that this heavier kind of headphones provides.

    Examples: Music addicts, people who love a bulkier accessory

    Who shouldn’t buy this type of headphones: If your ears are easily irritable or you can’t stand the bulkier look of these headphones, then you should think twice before buying a pair. The padding can make your ears sweat and, therefore, cause discomfort. Besides this, the over-ears are not the most practical headphones and, due to their bigger sizes, are often more expensive.

    Examples: People with high sensibility around the ears, travelers, people with low budgets

    5. In-ear headphones

    Female wearing in-ear headphones
    Photo: freepic.diller / Freepik

    Design: Alternatively called ‘canal-phones’, these earpieces are most commonly found in the boxes in which the smartphones come in. The in-ear headphones are small and designed to be inserted in the ear. To provide a facile insertion and protection, most of the in-ear headphones feature silicone tips. Also, as a result of their compactness, they are a very good solution for on-the-go situations.

    Sound quality: Although the sound is directed right into the eardrums, the quality is not so great compared with other alternatives. However, if you can afford to spend money on a loftier model, then you can end up with top-notch sound output.

    Who should buy this kind of headphones: If you travel or commute often, then this may be your perfect fit. Also, the in-ear headphones can become your best gym companion. They don’t come off easily and don’t make your ears sweat.

    Examples: Travelers, active people.

    Who shouldn’t buy this kind of headphones: These are the most invasive kind of headphones, so persons who can’t support the feeling of having something introduced in their ears will experience discomfort if they wear them for extended periods. Also, people who are looking for excellent sound quality should head towards other alternatives.

    Examples: Sensible people, audio engineers, music industry professionals, etc.

    NOTE: Sharing these headphones is not the best idea as they collect germs pretty easily.

    6. Earbuds

    Girl wearing ear buds while running
    Photo: Cadence Hearing

    Design: The earbuds are strikingly similar to their in-ear counterparts, but there are some clear differences. For example, the speakers of the earbuds don’t seat in the ear canal. Instead, they are placed on the outer ear, so they don’t provoke that invasive feeling. Also, contrarily to the in-ear ones, earbuds are usually found in a wireless version.

    Sound quality: The sound quality is not great, as some outer noise is let inside. Anyway, the quality can be leveraged by investing in a costlier model.

    Who should buy this kind of headphones: Similarly to the in-ear headphones, earbuds are a great option for people who are on the go. The intrusiveness feeling – present at ‘canal-phones’ -, disappears, but they may not be so suitable for gym purposes – they tend to fall easier than their in-ear counterparts.

    Examples: Travelers, active people.

    Who shouldn’t buy this kind of headphones: Earbuds often come in one-size-fits-all size and that can be uncomfortable for certain ear shapes. Also, if you are looking for high-quality sound output, your satisfaction is not guaranteed with this choice.

    Examples: Audio engineers, music industry professionals, etc.

    NOTE: Sharing these headphones is not the best idea as they collect germs pretty easily.

    7. Bluetooth headphones

    Young man wearing bluetooth headphones

    Design: This type of headphones doesn’t require a cable to work as they use Bluetooth connectivity to capture the signal of the source device. With zero cables in the picture, you won’t wake up tangling your device’s wire while traveling on the bus, for example. Shortly said, the possibility of them to fall down is greatly reduced.

    Sound quality: The sound output is usually on the high-quality side, but it may be negatively affected if other wireless devices function near you. That’s because signals can sometimes interfere.

    Who should buy this kind of headphones: If you want more practicability from your earpieces, then you need to add a pair of Bluetooth headphones to your wishlist.

    Examples: Travelers, active people, cable-haters.

    Who shouldn’t buy this kind of headphones: The Bluetooth technology is relatively new. That is why you will find that these headphones, in most cases, will draw more money from your pocket. So, if you don’t have much money to spend, you should consider other alternatives. Besides this, don’t forget that Bluetooth models need to be charged from time to time.

    Examples: People with low budgets.

    8. Noise-canceling headphones

    Young man wearing noise-cancelling headphones at the office

    Design: As their name suggests, the noise-canceling headphones are built to keep the ambient sounds outside your ears. They use special mechanisms to equalize the stray noises as a means of blocking them.

    Sound quality: These earpieces do an excellent soundproofing job. As a result, the audio quality will be at its highest standards.

    Who should buy this kind of headphones: If you want to immerse yourself in your favorite music or your awesome podcast or you just want to concentrate on your work, then you want to make sure to buy a pair of headphones with the ‘noise-canceling’ feature built-in.

    Examples: Musicians, radio hosts, office-workers, students, etc.

    Who shouldn’t buy this kind of headphones: Similarly to the closed-back headphones, you shouldn’t invest in this type of earpieces if you want to wear them on-the-go. They can make you lose touch with reality and cause tragic events.

    Examples: Drivers, travelers, etc.

    9. Bone conduction headphones

    Man wearing bone conduction headphones

    Design: You may have noticed that this earpiece is more like an outlier compared to the other types. Their sleek design, the fact that they don’t cover the ears and their amazing fit makes them stand out from the crowd.

    Sound quality: You may ask yourself: “How do I hear the music if the headphones don’t channel the sound directly into the ear canal?” Well, this particular headpiece uses vibrations to make you hear what you’re listening to. The vibrations are transmitted through your skull’s bones until it reaches the eardrums. However, the sound quality is mainly worse than what you get from a regular piece of headphones.

    Who should buy this kind of headphones: The bone-conductors are mostly preferred by athletes during their workout sessions. These earpieces have incredible fit, don’t provoke sweat and are water-resistant. Also, if you want to have peak awareness levels, this is your go-to choice, since your ears stay uncovered.

    Examples: Athletes, active people, travelers, drivers, etc.

    Who shouldn’t buy this kind of headphones: If you are looking for high sound quality, then the bone-conductors are not for you. Also, if you want to block background noise to be able to concentrate, then, again, don’t buy these headphones.

    Examples: Audio engineers, music professionals, radio hosts, office-workers. etc.

    There are a lot of headphone styles on the market, but we made it easier for you. You can now choose the one that fits best with your daily habits. What are you waiting for?

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