Food & Drinks Food Waste: The 3 Reasons Why People Do It

    Food Waste: The 3 Reasons Why People Do It

    Most of us practice these food wasting habits on a daily basis.

    The human race can be described as Mother Earth’s prodigal son. We unarguably waste the most food among the vast variety of species in the world. And because of this, we shamelessly damage the environment, at times without even knowing it.

    To find out what makes people waste about a third of the world’s yearly food production, we dug our way to the heart of the problem. As a result, we found the three human habits that produce the most food waste.

    Buying Too Much

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    The food waste cycle starts in the shopping mall, in your local grocery store or your nearest department store. I think this scenario will sound pretty familiar. You go to the store and fill your cart with all you had noted down on the shopping list. All good until you decide to add those products you don’t really need, but you think they will be of some use in the kitchen. Yeah, you can use them to fill up your trash can.

    Then, you get home and fill your fridge with all the new acquisitions until you can no longer see what’s in the back of the shelves. Well, that’s what happens when you buy two chickens instead of one, three cartons of milk instead of one and fifteen low-fat yogurts just because you got a better price and you plan to start a diet next week. In most cases, an overloaded fridge will lead to food waste. Why? The second toxic habit shows the answer.

    Fear of Poisoning

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    This habit starts with the fridge and ends up with the garbage can. With a fully-loaded fridge, it is easy to find yourself with an expired product suddenly appearing in your hand. That is because you will either forget about the products stored in the back of the fridge or you won’t have the appetite to eat all the food before it expires. As a result, a considerable amount of your food will be wasted.

    People became more and more comfortable and their sensibility visibly increased in the last decades. Therefore, if we see an apple with a rotten portion, we throw it in the garbage without giving it much thought – even though 75% of it had been perfectly edible. The more economical fellows among us would have simply removed the bad section of the apple and would have eaten the rest.

    Cooking Too Much – Leftovers

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    Unless you have a dog, not eating all the food on your plate is one of the main ways to waste it.  Just think how many times you ate only half of the food you ordered at a restaurant. Or remind yourself how many times you felt satiated and threw the remains in the trash. That’s pure squandering!

    The above was confirmed by a study that found out that uneaten cooked food is one of the leading sources of food waste, followed by raw unused vegetables.

    To sum it up, we buy too much, we fear too much and we cook too much. This would change if the human race would be more aware of their actions. After all, most of the thrown food will go into landfills and will hurt the environment.

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