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  • Stressed out by the newest shifts in the world?
  • Unsatisfied with the way your days unfold?
  • Angry because your physical condition and energy levels don’t let you indulge in the most joyful things life has to offer?
  • Do you feel like your mind is a mess, especially when work and personal affairs cram on your schedule?
  • And ultimately, do you feel unfulfilled?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

It doesn’t matter how low life has brought you and what obstacles you are currently facing. 

There’s always another stair in front of you waiting to be climbed. 

And the best thing? 

You already started climbing by taking actual steps into improving yourself – like getting here. Truth be said, most don’t even bother.

What do you want to improve today?

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Learn how to live beautifully in a modern world, install life-changing habits, and reach extreme productivity at work.

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Top training instructions and healthy diet advice to transform your body. Become unshakeable!

Learn to train your brain and connect with your soul. Your confidence, performance, and wellness will be soaring.

Dealing With the World

Taking on the world’s latest changes by the piece and telling you how to adapt to them.

Hi! I’m Claudiu Pop, founder of Unfold Today.

Most people know me as being a:

  • Personal growth master, who has tried, tested, and studied hundreds of life hacksusing them to forge a path to success;
  • Praised international journalist who achieved the milestone of one million readers by the age of 21;
  • Passionate storyteller looking to bring meaningful changes to people around the world.
I know time it’s the most chased resource nowadays, and it may look like you don’t have time to go to the gym, to enjoy time with your family, to read, and ultimately to grow, but this is just an illusion.
Let me prove this by offering you a welcoming free gift.



Learn how to finish your tasks 10X faster and save precious time!

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